The Kilgour Parent and Teacher Association is a volunteer group of parents and teachers who serve as a strong support network for Kilgour Elementary School providing fundraising, community building, and the necessary tools to strengthen the educational/enrichment environment for our students.  Since 1912, we have strived to collaborate with parents, teachers, and other interested members of our community, to provide the unique experiences and opportunities that complement Kilgour School’s quality education and make it an “Excellent Neighborhood School”. 

The PTA meets the second Wednesday of every month to plan events and opportunities to help our school.  We hope you will consider participating or volunteering in these activities!  Whether you work on a subcommittee, volunteer at an event, make a donation, become a sponsor or simply attend an activity, we hope you will find an area of interest that appeals to you and partake in the comradery of our school.  Please join us in our efforts!