The Bylaws and Standing Rules below were approved at our May 15, 2018 meeting.

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Kilgour PTA Standing Rules (3.7MB/8pp/PDF)
Kilgour PTA Bylaws (146KB/7pp/PDF)

Organized in six committees, the Kilgour PTA is led by an executive committee with board members that hold positions in fundraising, enrichment, community, communication, outreach, and infrastructure. Please see the Board Members and contact information.

    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Budget Chair
    • Recording Secretary
    • Corresponding Secretary
    • Parliamentarian
    • Technology Chair
    • Immediate Past President

  • Fundraising (Subcommittees & Chairs can include): Sponsorship (mandatory), Great Gatherings (Mandatory), Non-profit fundraising, Restaurant Nights, Box Tops, Reward Programs, Flower Sale. Auction and Carnival Chairs will be a part of the fundraising committee.

  • Enrichment: Focus on Outside and inside enrichment activities, in coordination with the staff, and plan programming to fill identified gaps (Subcommittees & Chairs can include: Mustang Mondays, Health & Wellness, COSI, Family Science Night, (2) ILT Representatives (Mandatory), and elected LSDMC Parent Representative.

  • Community: Focused on building community, meeting physical & socio-emotional needs of students, parents, and staff. Work with the LSDMC Inclusion committee on priorities. This committee is focused on recruiting new members, planning membership inclusive events, and welcoming activities. (Subcommittees can include: Community Chair (mandatory), Volunteer Coordinator, Talent Show, Room Parents (mandatory), Teacher Appreciation, Membership, Holiday Fair, Staff Fund, Spaghetti Diner, Movie Night, Skating Club, Bowling Club, Skiing Club, Scholarship, Yearbook, Harvest Jam, 5th & 6th Grade coordinators, Dads Gone Nuts, CRC Representative, Sports Boosters Representative.)

  • Communications: Responsible for the Synopsis newsletter, weekly emails, printed notes, website, PR, social media, and other communication and marketing needed for event promotion. The technology chair is a member of the Communications committee. (Subcommittees can include: Synposis (Mandatory), Email, Calendar, Social Media, FB Liaison, Directory, Public Relations, Historian.)

  • Outreach: Responsible for community and philanthropic programing. (Programming and subcommittees can include: Giving Tree, fall food drive, Halloween Costume Shop, and Thanksgiving meal drive, Kilgour Cares coordination, Clean Up Days, Scholarship as well as other activities as directed by the Board.

  • Infrastructure / Buildings & Grounds: responsible for the maintenance & needed improvements or enhancements around the building. Also responsible for physical resources or upkeep required in alignment with the Board’s goals and to keep Kilgour moving forward to meet enrichment needs or gaps. Buildings and Grounds, Technology Chair and Playground/ Foundation representative to be members of Infrastructure committee.