The Kilgour Staff Holiday Gift Fund is a wonderful opportunity to allow all of us to express our sincere gratitude for their efforts each and every day to provide a safe, clean, educational environment in which our children can learn and grow.

We ask each Kilgour Family to make a monetary contribution to the Gift Fund in lieu of purchasing individual gifts. This has been EXTREMELY well received by our staff over the last several years. They have been tremendously grateful for Kilgour’s generosity. each member of the entire staff that impacts your child’s daily life at school.

These “gifts” will be presented before Winter Break to each member of the entire school staff that helps shape your child’s daily life, signed “From the grateful Parents and Students of Kilgour Elementary School.” This creates a sense of our whole community’s heartfelt appreciation for the entire staff. (If you’d like to use something as a guideline for giving, consider what you would spend on gifts for each of your child(ren)’s teachers/staff, and go from there).

Contributions can be made using the form below. All contributions will be kept confidential. We hope each family will make a contribution so that a more impactful gift can be given to our staff.

Thank you for your generosity.

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