Playground supervision begins at 9:00 a.m. (Children are not allowed on campus before 9:00 a.m. without a parent or guardian to supervise them). Cincinnati Public Schools offers free breakfast to all students. If your child is participating in the breakfast program he/she should report to the cafeteria. Breakfast is offered from 9 – 9:15 a.m. Classes line up outside at 9:10 a.m. (A bell rings and the children “freeze” in place until the playground supervisor blows a whistle for them to line up behind their classroom number quietly and without running). Tardy bell rings at 9:15 a.m., which is the time instruction begins. If early morning supervision is needed, the Cincinnati Recreation Commission provides a before school program starting at 7:00 a.m. Call CRC at 321-9320 for more information.



A student is considered tardy to school if he/she arrives after 9:15 a.m. If your child arrives after 9:15 a.m. he/she must report to the office for an admittance slip. Tardiness may be excused if the student brings a note signed by the parent or guardian stating an acceptable reason as determined by the admitting staff member.



Students are dismissed at 3:45 p.m. Kindergarteners and 1st graders are dismissed at 3:35 p.m. to prevent confusion with the older students exiting the building. There is no playground/on-grounds supervision provided after school. If late afternoon/early evening supervision is needed, the Cincinnati Recreation Commission provides an after school program starting at 3:45 p.m. and ending at 6:00 p.m. Call CRC at 321-9320 for more information. If a student needs to leave school before regular dismissal time, the student should bring a note from his/her parent or guardian stating the reason for the early dismissal and the time when the parent will pick up the child. The note should be given to the teacher in the morning and should include a phone number to contact the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will need to sign the student out through the office.


Students are designated as walkers, bus riders, car riders, or CRC. If your child will be dismissed using a different designation for a particular day, please send a note with your child for their teacher that morning. Due to the high volume of traffic in the office and instruction within the classrooms, calls received after 2:45 p.m. cannot be guaranteed for any changes in dismissal procedures.



Due to our location, there is limited parking available. Parking on the school property is reserved for the school staff. Those individuals who would like to park are to park on the surrounding side streets and park in designated approved areas. Streets behind the school can also be used and students can walk with their parents through the Nature Center to the playground. It is strongly suggested that students walk with a parent or in pairs through the Nature Center. Signs as well as Police assistance will be on hand to assist with before and after school periods. All members of the school community are asked to adhere to the procedures adopted. Tickets will be distributed by the police to those individuals who fail to follow adopted procedures.


Traffic Safety

To ensure the safety of all Kilgour students, it is vital that pedestrian and automobile traffic around the school be well-organized and rules are carefully followed. Parking is prohibited in the drop off/pick up area in front of school. Parking lots are reserved for Kilgour staff and handicapped persons. Do not park in or block the school’s or the neighbor’s driveways at any time during the school day. Traffic cones are placed in the driveway for the safety of our children – please do not move them or drive over them.


Bus Riders:

Arrival - Prior to school starting each day, Buses will drop off students on the Herschel Avenue side of the building. Bus riders will be supervised by staff at the front doors, where they will enter the building, go down the stairs, through the cafeteria, and onto the playground.


Dismissal - At the end of the day, buses will be waiting for students in the circle driveway on the playground. Once loaded on the bus, students are to remain on the bus. Bus riding students must board the bus unless they have written permission from a parent/guardian for other arrangements.


Car Drop-off and Pick-up:

We ask that the driveways of our neighbors not be blocked! Our neighbors have been advised to contact the police for towing if this should occur.


Arrival - At the beginning of the day, students are to be dropped off in front of the school on the school side of the street. Students are not to be dropped off from vehicles on the opposite side of the street. Buses will also be unloading students in front of the school in the morning; therefore, there is no “stop” parking in front of the school. Drivers should remain in their car while the students exit the car. Students will enter the front doors of the building, go down the stairs, through the cafeteria, and onto the playground.


Dismissal - During dismissal, there is limited parking available by the school. Due to the high volume of traffic at dismissal, individuals who drive are encouraged to park on side streets and walk. During car rider pick-up, LIMITED space will be made available near the front of the school for pick-up. Parents/Guardians who choose to be a part of the car rider pick-up are not to arrive earlier than 3:30 p.m. (15 minutes before dismissal) and are to remain in their vehicle. Students will be dismissed in front of the school. Car riders will be provided with a car rider ID tag for their car visor. This tag is to be on display to assist during car rider pick-up. Drivers are to remain in their vehicle while in the car rider line. Those individuals who leave their vehicle unattended will be ticketed. Students are to be picked up on the school side of the street.



Students are not permitted to ride a bike, skateboard, or rollerblades to/from school. The school cannot be responsible for personal equipment/items.


Arrival - Students walking to school should enter the front doors of the building, go down the stairs, through the cafeteria, and onto the playground.


Dismissal - Due to the number of car riders, it is important that walkers and students who park and ride be picked up immediately after dismissal. These students will meet on the upper sidewalk. There is no school staff supervision of students after dismissal. Notify the school office if you are going to be late picking up your child. It is best to have a back-up plan in place for such occurrences. A student must have written permission from a parent/guardian to leave school with a friend or adult other than parent/guardian. This is necessary for safety and is strictly adhered to by the school staff.



Primary (K-3rd grade): 12:00 – 12:40 Intermediate (4th – 6th grade): 12:50 – 1:30. Hot lunches are available daily as well as white or chocolate milk. If your child wishes to purchase a hot lunch, he or she may pay for it before school in the cafeteria or at their designated lunchtime. The cost is $1.75 per meal including milk. The cost for milk alone is $0.50. Applications for the free and reduced lunch program are in the office. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch; however, seating is limited and you must sign-in first in the school office. Volunteers to help assist younger students and supervise the lunchroom are always welcome. Recess follows lunchroom time.


Before & after school program:

A before and/or after school adult supervised program is available at Kilgour through the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Contact the Oakley Community Center 321-9320 for details.



Students are expected to be in school on time each day. Students should not be sent to school with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea and/or with highly contagious conditions such as impetigo, pink eye, etc. Call the office at 363-3001 to report your child’s absence that day. Students returning to school after an absence must have a written excuse from their parent/guardian indicating the student’s name and phone number, the date the note was written, the date and reason for the absence, and a signature of the parent/guardian. All absences for which a note is not received will be unexcused. If an absence is unexcused missed schoolwork or tests may not necessarily be made up.


Make-up Work:

A student must make up any of the work missed during an excused absence. Teachers need at least 48 hours advanced notice to prepare make-up work. A written note is suggested to request missed assignments.


First Aid:

The school is responsible only for immediate first aid. In case of a serious accident, 911 will be called, the parent will be notified, and the child will be transported to the hospital listed on the emergency medical form. The Board of Education does not pay for any medical/hospital bills incurred as a result of an accident at school. 


Illness while at school:

Kilgour currently has a school nurse 2 - 3 days a week. If your child becomes ill, the teacher will send him/her to the nurse’s office. The nurse will contact you regarding the condition of your child’s illness. On days that the nurse is not at Kilgour, there is a sign on the Nurse’s office directing children to report to the main office if they are ill. It is very important that the school office has a phone number to reach someone in case of illness or an emergency. Please notify the school immediately if your phone number changes. Teach your child to cough into his/her elbow instead of their hands to help decrease the spread of germs in the classroom. Instruct your child to wash his/her hands after using the restroom and before eating.


Medicine while at school: Board of Education policy forbids students from carrying any type of medicine with them (both prescription and over-the-counter medicine, including cough drops). It is necessary to have a Cincinnati Public School District Medical Authorization Form completed by the prescribing physician for each medication your child is to receive at school. The medication will be locked in a cabinet in the health office and administered by a member of the school staff, or in some instances a parent volunteer.



On rainy or snowy days when the IN sign is posted on the entrance door, students should enter through the front doors. Kindergarten through 3rd grade will line up outside their classrooms and 4th – 6th grade will wait in the cafeteria. Staff will be on hand to assist.


Snow Days:

School closings will be announced on the radio and television stations. Assume school is open unless you hear otherwise.


No yellow bus days:

Attendance is mandatory on snowy days when school is open but there is no yellow bus service. Parents/guardians should have a back-up transportation plan in place to avoid unexcused absences.



Kilgour has developed its own School-wide Expectations, which complies with Board of Education policy. At the beginning of the school year, you receive a copy of rules and disciplinary policy to follow and use as a reference.


Visiting during school hours:

Visits from parents/guardians are welcomed and encouraged at any time. In order to ensure you will have the opportunity to meet with the person(s) you wish to meet, it is best to call ahead to schedule a time that is best for all parties involved. For the children’s safety, all visitors MUST enter the school building through the front doors on Herschel Avenue, report to the main office, sign in on the visitor list, and receive and wear a yellow Visitor’s badge.


Lost and Found:

Items are placed in a designated area in the building. All unclaimed items will be donated to a charity after 30 days.



Lockers and desks are included as the property of the school and may be searched at any time, in accordance with the Cincinnati Board of Education policies 5144.1, 5144.3, and 5144.4.



Homework for elementary school children is a shared responsibility of students, parents, and teachers. Within the home setting, parents are to create a place for the student to study, and supervise the homework assigned by the teacher. Failure to complete homework is a violation of Kilgour’s Code of Conduct. Suggested time allotments for homework are:

  • Kindergarten – 10 to 15 minutes of reading or family social activity

  • 1st grade – approximately 30 minutes

  • 2nd grade – approximately 45 minutes

  • 3rd grade – approximately 1 hour

  • 4th grade – approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

  • 5th grade – approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

  • 6th grade – approximately 1 hour 45 minutes


Food and drinks:

In an effort to maintain our newly renovated school building, food and drinks are limited to the cafeteria, and designated areas for school staff.



Kilgour School and Cincinnati Public Schools are SMOKE FREE zones. Smoking is not permitted on school grounds.



Dogs are not permitted in the school building. Due to individuals within the school community with phobias and/or allergies, we also ask that dogs are kept on a leash and along the front sidewalk of the school, as dogs are not allowed on school property, playground or play equipment.